Our Melbourne Property Management team’s established reputation and knowledge of the condominium industry provides you with the integrity, reliability, and security that your community deserves. Based on our expertise and resources, we offer highly customized condominium management plans to suit the needs of your community. We strive to take care of the community, not just simply manage the building.

We do this by:
  • Developing and educating managers to ensure they are equipped to handle the ever-changing challenges of property management 
  • Paying above market salaries to attract and maintain the best talent in the industry
  • Ensuring our team has access to relevant expertise, training and resources 
  • Providing customer service focused solutions for the communities they manage

Melbourne Property Management Inc, carries comprehensive insurance such as errors and omissions coverage as well as fidelity coverage.



When embarking on a new condominium development, developers need to engage the services of an experienced and competent management company. Our consultants can ensure the operational fulfillment of the projects vision and can also function as a valuable resource to help with issues or questions that may arise during the development phase.

Our work with some of Ontario’s most respected developers over the last 30 years has allowed us to build up a wealth of experience in consultancy services to key developers in Toronto and the GTA. We have also worked in Barrie, Hamilton, Kitchener/Waterloo, Ottawa, Muskoka and Sudbury. Our consultancy services continue to be highly sought after within the development industry.

Rental Management

Rental Management

Our full range of management services can help make your property a fruitful investment. Tenant selection is the key to your enjoyment and to hassle-free investing. With our comprehensive tenant selection process, we'll find you reliable and qualified renters who will respect your home as if it’s their own 

Our Melbourne Property Management rental team handles:
  • Tenant selection 
  • Tenant insurance 
  • Key deposit
  • Pre-authorized debit from the tenant 
  • Direct deposit and pre-authorization plans

With our property management reporting system, investors will always be connected with rent collection, and detailed monthly and annual financial reports.

We will use social media to advertise condominium rentals to target markets. 

Our all-inclusive pricing provides excellent options for us to comprehensively manage an investment unit. We not only ensure that buildings are running efficiently, but also work with each owner, investor and tenant to ensure minimum insurance standards are met.

We strive to maximise your investment property by:
  • Providing bulk insurance rates
  • Negotiated high speed Rogers bulk internet and TV rates
  • Ensure rental rates in buildings are maintained to maximise ROI
Finacial Reporting

Financial Reporting

Managing our client’s money and financial well being is fundamental to our business. Melbourne Property Management clients can be confident that they are being well taken care of.

Our financial systems enable a sound working partnership between a condominium board and management. We ensure our team is equipped with the tools and resources to effectively manage, forecast and explain in simple terms the financial position of a condominium.

At Melbourne Property Management we:
  • Ensure that unnecessary costs are avoided
  • Provide sound operational advice
  • Adhere to strict accounting principles
  • Enable cost-saving solutions as a result of our strategic alliances with a variety of industry leaders


When communities we manage want to speak with their manager, we ensure that they can be as accessible as possible. Our friendly administration team helps take care of administrative tasks by sharing the workload that would normally be undertaken by the manager on site. With the recent changes to the Condominium Act, the need to remove the administrative burden from the front-line managers has never been more important. Licensed managers are in short supply, and the new forms required to be sent to all owners periodically throughout the year can be very time-consuming. This initiative frees up our managers’ time to help them focus on what is important – the customer.

Contact Us

If you would like to learn more about Melbourne Property Management, explore a career opportunity to join our team, or to provide us with some feedback, please don’t hesitate to email us at

We can be reached at: 416-546-2126 or in person (via appointment at this time)
at 1244 Caledonia Rd, Toronto, Suite 100, ON M6A 2X5

Careers At Melbourne Property Management

We focus on the long-term growth of our associates. We know that the foundation of continued success is our people. We believe that our innovative resources and approach to training help our team members reach their fullest potential. If you are interested in joining our accomplished team, we invite you to learn more about the current opportunities we have to offer.